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A little about me!


Hello and welcome! I'm a Rochester, NY native, and a wife to an amazing man, Mike, who I met just 5 short years ago. We have two beautiful daughters, Henley and Kennedy, both of whom can function on a few hours of sleep much better than you'd think was possible. I like to channel my inner student on those sleepless nights soaking up new techniques and tid-bits about photography, while my husband learns new techniques for tying flies. The hubby and I can honestly say that we wouldn't trade a single sleepless night for anything!

When I'm not capturing priceless memories for my clients or spending quality time with my beautiful family, you'll likely find me at my 9-5 hustle as a hospital administrator at Strong Memorial Hospital. It's such a rewarding career to be able to make a difference in the lives of patients and improve our health care system every day. 

A few more fun facts about me!

1. My favorite food group is Chocolate.

2. I am a serial dieter with varying success. (Please refer to fun fact #1).

3. My HR person called me "tenacious" once. I attribute that to my Irish roots as a descendant of the O'Byrne family whose motto was "Certavi et Vici" which means "I have fought and conquered."

4. My dream place to visit is Italy. If I ever make it there, I plan to be eating the entire time.

5. My life currently revolves around cleaning, making teddy bear lunches, doing laundry, and searching the house for which toy is making that obnoxious noise.

6. My retirement plans involve a barn, a winery, a bakery, and a BBQ smoker. 

7. My former boss introduced me to my husband. He was the "new accountant" for our department. I was so flustered and caught off guard by his handsomeness that I turned bright red, instantly forgot his name, and I'm 99% sure I didn't even say "hello" back. A couple days later, I got up the courage to walk to his office and told him I couldn't find him on the global email list. I said, 'it's Fischer right?" His response: "No. It's French. Like the language." He proceeded to ask me to escort him to the lunch room because he "couldn't find it." He also couldn't find it every day for the next 6 weeks!

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